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Customer Reviews

1. Hi there!

I recently purchased your Sante Ultimate Dual KDF Shower Filter, pre-filter, and Pearl Shower Head. I'm the girl who called up and had stripped the thread between the pre filter and the metal elbow - the "Mr." who got on the phone was

so kind, patient and helpful, that when the replacement part arrived (only 2 days later I might add!) I was able to fully install it with no problems at all! My first shower with the Ultimate was amazing. My hair felt soft and silky

like it always did before I moved here and began using well water.

I have a filtration and softening system (whole house) but it's not enough - and this shower filter really made all the difference!!

-Deanna B

Dear Shelly and Sheila,

Thank you so much for calling back so quickly after I sent this, and for your helpful and friendly message! I had run out to meet a client and missed the call - but you gave me everything I needed to move forward. I just got home, and found the PureQuik on your website. It was EXACTLY what I was hoping for! I just ordered it (plus some refills). Thank you again, for being so helpful at every turn. I will be raving about both your products and your customer service at every opportunity!!

Warmest Regards,

-Deanna B

2. Shelly,

We spoke two days ago about the problems with water in Brooklyn, NY.

As you suggested I replaced the pre-filter on my showerhead to see if it was the reason my water pressure had reduced so significantly after just 6 weeks of using my new Silver Bullet that I purchased on your website. It was BLACK!

After replacing it the pressure is strong as ever (and thankfully filtering the water I shower in). I ordered 25 more of those pre-filters from your company.

Thanks again for the chat, and I'm forwarding a photo (attached) as proof of how necessary these filters really are.

Happy Holidays,

Robyn in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

3. Hi! The gift box was right, thank you. It is another gift for a friend. The last gift was well received, so I'll try it again with another friend.

I haven't had any problems with either of the NEW shower filters, so I assume it was just the other 2 brands that were the problem.

Thanks a lot for all of your help,

Fred from Seattle

4. What a relief!!! I've had shower filters: Get stuck, leak, spray, explode, not fit right, and be endlessly frustrating. In fact, I had to break the old carbon one on my daughter's shower to get it off.

These go on easily! They don't leak! They are wonderful!


From the desk of Susan H. Naples, Florida

5. Nancy and Shelly,

I received my showerhead last night and it works great! The filters are also working very well. I have dermatitis and the chlorine in my water was really irritating my skin. It was so nice to take a shower last night and actually enjoy it!


Melissa Morgan

7. Hi Shelly,

This is Mark Scarpena. I just wanted to let you know that everything worked out great with the water system. I have used it for my fish. Everything is going well, I don't have a digital camera yet, but I will send you some pictures when I get one.

There is less algae, my water is clearer, and my plants are growing better and greener. My wife and I also love it. I just wanted to thank you for your help and I hope your feeling better.

Well thanks again I appreciate everything you did and I have recommended your site to a few people for systems and will continue to do so.


Mark R. Scarpena

8. Hi Shelly,

I just wanted to thank you for your quick delivery. I received my 2 Clarice showerhead filters today and was tempted to take a shower right away. I expected clean water but not how soft it would leave my skin. I love my new shower head filters.

Thanks again.


9. Dear Shelly,

Thank you so much for helping me a few months back. We are so in love with our filtered shower water! I love the bath bubble for the kids bath, I even sneak it so I can take a nice, pure bath.

I have recommended your site to everyone I meet, who comments on how nice and soft my skin is. Thank you also for throwing in the pre-filter, in four weeks it looked like brown muck!!! You have changed our lives!!! I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to me and explain the different options, you are a true gentleman.


Julie Sadan

10. Shelly,

Thank you for your never ending customer service, you may be a small "hole in the wall company", as you put it. But you attention to customer service rocks!!!! Thanks again a very satisfied customer.

Christine Medeiros

11. Thank you for all the years of helping my family have the purist water available to drink. Yours is the only company two generations of our family trust to provide us with filtration products for drinking, bathing and whole house filtration needs. We recommend you to everyone.

We are so appreciative that you take the time to find out what is in our water to help us know what products we should use, no one-size-fits-all solutions here! :- You are well versed in water quality all over the United States. Thank you and your family SO much!


Dear Shelly,

Thank you for designing such an awesome shower filter. I live in downtown Houston and am happy that I no longer have to shower in dirty city water. Before the filter my water would periodically spray black stuff. My apartment manager told me Houston city water does that sometimes and not to worry about it. My skin became dry and itchy. I tried everything from benadryl to oatmeal baths. Finally my skin is as it was before. My cats even had flaky skin. My cats are happier too. Sara

12. Thanks for the speedy response worries. My current shower head fits perfectly and I've given the double shower head as a gift. I am now a happy customer. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Shalita Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

12. Tammy

Hi there! Which head do you suggest for well water that turns my highlights orange ? Also, will the unit simply screw onto my current set up? (standard shower head) thanks! Look forward to your response




Hi Tammy,

A shower filter with as much KDF as possible will almost always end the orange highlights and also dryness in your hair. We have found over the years that the water going through the pipes cause this problem. Using a KDF shower filter should end this problem.

I would suggest the 85087 ULTIMATE 12 month shower filter as my number one choice. It is the strongest shower filter made by any company.The 49790 Destroyer 12 month shower filter is a great filter for water, as is the AQUAPURE shower filter (6 month filter). The AQUAPURE does have a water softening media in it in addition to the KDF, plus a magnet to adjust the PH of the water.

The ULTIMATE shower filter is like having two shower filters in one. It gives longer contact time because of its special design. Any of these will work for you. I'm sure of this.Our shower filters work with any showerheads.

You can always phone us at 1-800-398-6735 and talk to one of our people. Ask for Sheila. Thank you for contacting us and e mail or phone us anytime.

Regards, Nancy, customer service


I need help choosing a chloramine shower filter. Thanks.


Hi Jeanne,

A shower filter with as much KDF as possible will almost always end the
dryness in your hair. We have found over the years that the water going
through the pipes cause this problem. Using a KDF shower filter should end
this problem. Item # 92000 WC
The first and only shower filter to remove chloramines and chlorine in one
unit. Designed with special media's to remove and reduce chloramines
(ammonia the city adds to your water). The unique water swirling action of
the Ultimate allows for the removal of chloramines as it passes through the
special media filled chamber. No other shower filter can do this.

After much hard work we have developed our ULTIMATE DUAL shower filter into
an ammonia (chloramine) removing filter system.
This is the only shower filter that removes the ammonia that cities are
adding to the water to form chloramine. This is done by the city water
departments to save money. They cannot tell you what effects this will have
on your health and your children's health. They know that manganese can
affect a child's IQ and that lead can be a cause of autism but have done
nothing to remove manganese or lead from the drinking or bath water. People
are afraid of the ammonia and they should be. Read the articles we have on
our website and that are available on Google and Yahoo. Click below and see
how the KDF company is using KDF85 to remove chloramines

The ULTIMATE DUAL shower filter is the only shower filter that will allow
the water to swirl through two filter chambers allowing the water to come in
contact with the media. Other filters carry the water straight through at a
rate of water flow that won't allow enough contact time between the filter
media and the water. Our ROBO SWIRL action removes the chloramime, chlorine,
lead, THM's, heavy metals plus more.


Thanks. That's the one I was considering. Will order today.

Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

14. AquapurePro is a godsend


The Aquapure Pro is a godsend to my daughter and I wanted to share the infomation with all of you. She has had severe eczema for most of her 56 years and has been hospitalized with it on occasion. We finally bought a whole house water softener and it has kept it under control but she had to come to my house every day for her shower. I am 85 years old and don't intend to stay here forever. She didn't know what to do when I'm gone because there is no way to install a water softener in her apartment. My soninlaw surfed the internet and came up with information about the AquapurePro and we couldn't believe the small cost compared with the water softener. We really didn't think a handheld showerhead would suffice for her severe eczema but we were willing to try anything. I talked to Shelly and he was so very helpful and I asked him to send it.

From the very first shower her skin was so much softer and itched no more. We then learned that the whole house softener did not remove the chlorine like the AquapurePro does. That was why her skin still itched as it has for all of these years. After two and a half months her skin is soft, no blenishes and itches no more. To say the least we think the AquapurePro showerhead is the greatest thing to come along for a long, long time. To prove this, two more families of ours are satisfied users and one of them is ordering the filter to attach to the kitchen faucet. A son is ordering the showerhead for his family and another grandchild is saving for a showerhead. She likes the idea of the water being clear of chlorine which you not only absorb through the skin but you inhale the fumes. The kitchen filter also removes the chlorine. If any of you have a skin problem or want your skin to be soft, please consider the Aquapurepro. The price is very modest (you'll be surprised) and I'm sure it will be the best thing you will buy for a long, long time. And what a wonderful Christmas gift.

Edna    Cincinnati, Ohio

15. Love the AQUAPURE PRO


We LOVE the Aquapure Pro and the prefilter! We noticed a big difference very quickly in how our hair and skin feel. Several months ago we moved to Northern California to a house with well water; my hair had become very brittle and had a green cast. It is now soft and healthy again!

It is so nice to enjoy showers again without fear of the damage they were causing. I had done a lot of research on filters and only yours addressed well water problems of hard water and mineral deposits.

Thank you for making this available. I was very impressed with your kindness and time in discussing how your filter would solve my problems. It is rare to find such personable service!

Thank You, Marcella,Nevada City, CA

16. Sante shower filter actually works!

Hi Shelly,

I just wanted to write because I think it's important to let you and others know that the Sante shower filter actually works! Thanks so much! I was a little skeptical because one never knows these days what is true and what is not. I just moved to LA, and the water is disgusting.

My hair and skin became dry and just generally gross. I was very upset. I looked into "hard water" and filters and found Sante's site. I am on a tight budget but figured the money would be well spent since I have 2 years in this dirty city... so the $70 I spent is really just a yearly fee for saving my hair and skin from the toxins here. The point is - it works... thanks Sante.

Sincerely,Charlotte, Los Angeles

17. Hooray For The Destroyer What a relief!!! I've had shower filters: Get stuck, leak, spray, explode, not fit right, and be endlessly frustrating. In fact, I had to break the old carbon one on my daughter's shower to get it off.

These go on easily! They don't leak! They are wonderful!

Thanks,From the desk of Susan H. Naples, Florida

My blonde highlights are actually looking blonde again

18. Hi Shelly, I just received the postcard from you today to order new filters....actually, my husband finally installed the pre-filter and filter a few days ago....we waited all this time and it only took minutes to install.I just wanted to let you know that after the first day I noticed a difference.My blonde highlights are actually looking blonde again and my hair is so much softer.I have spent so much money on shampoos to try and get the minerals out of my hair from our well water (which never worked).I wish I would have known so much sooner about your website!

Thanks again, Natalie, Medina, OH

Name: Lloyd M
Date: 3/15/2015 9:48:42 PM
Time: 10:48:42 PM
Dear Sante,

I spoke with you late last week. I wanted to thank you for your patience with me and answering my questions in regards to the Ultimate KDF Shower Filter. I have jut placed my order and look forward to using your product.

Thank you and best regards,
Lloyd M

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