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If your primary water source comes from a well, consider using a well water shower filter from Sante for Health. Our amazing ULTIMATE & DESTROYER Shower filters are ideal to help stop hair color loss and fading due to the usage of well water. There’s a reason our clients love our hard water well shower filters, and we’re confident that you’ll feel the same.

Signs of Iron in Water

Metallic taste in water, Rusty or yellow colored water, Rust stained fixtures (toilets, sinks, tubs, showers), Reddish-brown stained laundry,

There are four types of iron:

Dissolved Iron: Ferrous iron is commonly found in well water supplies and is soluble in water. This makes water appear clear at first glance, but becomes cloudy or colored as the water is exposed to oxygen.

Particulate Iron: Particulate iron is ferrous iron that has precipitated with alkalinity to form the orange-brown, rust-like stain that is a common side effect of iron in water. There are two types of particulate iron: filterable iron, which contains particles large enough to be reduced by a filter, and colloidal iron, which contains insoluble particles that are small enough to require further water treatment.

Organic Bound Iron: This type of iron attaches itself to another organic compound, such as tannins, in the water. Yellow or yellowish-brown water is often a result of this type of iron.

Iron Bacteria: When iron is exposed to oxygen in the soil, iron bacteria can form. Iron bacteria can cause bad tastes and odors, discolored water, and can reduce water flow rate by clogging pipes.

 How Does Iron Get in Your Water?

Because of its abundant presence in the Earth’s crust, iron is commonly found in soil and sediment. Water that travels underground through this soil and sediment may pick up iron on its way to source a private well. These private wells then provide drinking water to about 15% of Americans.

Rainwater can also be the source of iron in water. When water falls as rain, it can pick up iron through the atmosphere, landing in many surface water sources such as creeks, lakes and rivers. Inverted


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