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Sherry, I just wante (12/22/2015)
Sherry, I just wanted to say, I tried your thqneicue and it really works! Those little flowers just ruffle right up and look so real! I am so impressed! I spoke about you on my blog and I have your link in my favorite places to visit. Keep up the good work and can I just say You Go Girl!! [url=]fwasurtpw[/url] [link=]cuhyelmhit[/link]

Viviana - itUhy0Qwm
Sherry you are a GEN (12/22/2015)
Sherry you are a GENIUS!!!!!! I loved what you did with the labels <a href="">elveen</a> die the you premiered for spellbinder and thought that couldn't be topped, will girl you just topped that. I love the sassiness of your hairdo now, easy to care for. Glad your okay. I had planned on trying to figure this out but thanks for the video I don't have to.

Bruce - gEONUQlWFzjj
Hi Sherry I've onl (12/21/2015)
Hi Sherry I've only recently bemcoe a follower of your blog because of the inspiring projects you bring.Thankyou for such a great and easy to follow tutorial making my own flowers is something I am really interested in at the moment so great timing!!I hope you continue to progress well with your recovery (I'm sorry I hadn't realised you'd had health problems).hugsPaula x x x

Ben - LSYJpLLa
The Pre-Filter Works (2/2/2008)
We spoke two days ago about the problems with water in Brooklyn, NY.

As you suggested I replaced the pre-filter on my showerhead to see if it was the reason my water pressure had reduced so significantly after just 6 weeks of using my new Silver Bullet that I purchased on your website. It was BLACK!

After replacing it the pressure is strong as ever (and thankfully filtering the water I shower in). I ordered 25 more of those pre-filters from your company.

Thanks again for the chat, and I'm forwarding a photo (attached) as proof of how necessary these filters really are.

Happy Holidays,

Robyn in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Robyn - Brooklyn, NY
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