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Hey, that's the gres (4/7/2016)
Hey, that's the gresteat! So with ll this brain power AWHFY? [url=]msmmgkyf[/url] [link=]sujeay[/link]

Romby - 1ulEz2OQlCq
That's a smart answe (3/22/2016)
That's a smart answer to a tricky <a href="">quostien</a>

Betsy - gS1M4WPWPaq
I could read a book (3/18/2016)
I could read a book about this without finding such real-world appecaohrs!

Kelenna - wwwg19n0qws
No more lugging water (1/15/2008)
At my age hauling water from the store was not easy. I need good water as my health was being affected by the chlorine, fluoride and other things in the tap water.
  • I tried this countertop unit. It fits on my sink and the water is great. I would recommend it to everyone

    Marta - NY
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