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vit c (4/5/2017)
what abouy vit c

Frank - South Carolina
Vit c (4/5/2017)
Joe what do you know about vit C getting rid of this product?

vikki - sc
there is NO way of removing chloramine 100% at shower flow rate with such a little filter. Chloramine can survive even household sized filters of catalytyc carbon, and these filters are at least 20x larger than this!

At best a filter like this will breakdown about 30% of chloramines, and instead what you'll get is residual ammonia from that breakdown, plus the remaining 70% chloramine, BOTH being highly toxic for your health.

Ever since the EPA in the US allowed chlloramines in 2005, the water filtration industry has been stumped on how to get it out, because it was designed to stay in water. Many filter makers assumed chloramine and chlorine have the same chemistry, but guess what, they're like night and day. Instead of pulling their products, many of them, (like this), decided to simply add on chloramine to the list of filtered substances, because they know their product can't! Lies! at the cost of people's health

Joe - CA
ultimate KDF shower filter (3/2/2014)
the prefilter should be made of metal due to the weight of the filter it is not strong enough broke off in filter when adjusting the shower head ????? filter it self OK

joseph - bucks county Pa.
ultimate kdf shower filter (3/2/2014)
I installed the pre-filter correctly but the weight of the shower filter and the shower head caused the prefilter to break off in the filter when we adjusted the shower head due to its weight

joseph - US.
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