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There's a terrific a (4/9/2017)
There's a terrific amount of knwdleoge in this article!

Tracy - 4a1I3Uo5Z
Sherry I know you (10/24/2014)
Sherry I know you don't think so but you are one spunky, brave lady!! I too went thru ccaenr (breast) but was so lucky and only had to have radiation and no chemotherapy. I guess I was like any other woman in that I was afraid to lose my hair, but the women I met at the clinic getting chemo and who had lost their hair were so inspiring and spirited!! All I can tell you is you look like you are getting everything you can out of life and the hair will come back right now what shows are your beautiful eyes!! YOU GO GIRL!!jackie

Naomi - 2i02ZyoLZumi
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