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Great videos. They'r (12/22/2015)
Great videos. They're so clear! I wdoenr if you do video narration professionally. I do have a novice question though. I just watched this and the low pass filter video but I don't really understand what you mean by avoiding overloading the microphone with a high resistance. [url=]cydgfcrax[/url] [link=]smuozvhu[/link]

Kaori - TiDKCC4UrAL6
Sounds like the caps (12/22/2015)
Sounds like the caps in your VFD are bad. Allen Bradley and GE both have service <a href="">maaluns</a> online. GEs is at geindustrial dawt cawm. Often VFDs self-diagnose and they might catch it with an error code on the display. What maker/model is it?

Atubga - qLD1NWS3Y
If you only want to (12/21/2015)
If you only want to block the DC from being amplified, why not just use the caciaptor? In other words, why not use a resistor of infinite value (open circuit)? I suppose you can hear below 15Hz, true, but it's still an extra component.

Jinhan - Iyh2HkzEMIk
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