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This post has helped (4/7/2016)
This post has helped me think things thruogh [url=]kahmxl[/url] [link=]guuwmwdhob[/link]

Keydrick - tfo3ec9nAx5
Great <a href="http: (3/22/2016)
Great <a href="">arlecti,</a> thank you again for writing.

Melissa - Y7ziZVdg
Your post captures t (3/18/2016)
Your post captures the issue pertlcfey!

Affinity - JxTzOxmc
都買仿冒Channel和GUGGI的瘋狂 (9/24/2013)
都買仿冒Channel和GUGGI的瘋狂G牌護主XWhat the Fuck are U talking about?If you can't talk sense, then just keep your nasty mouth shut!!!Get out of here!!You bXXXh!

Ipul - NEMAo1ub
Gucci and Unicef are (9/23/2013)
Gucci and Unicef are strategic petnrars. No matter what, it is still a business relationship. However, I am happy to see Gucci's commitment and they have helped funding UNICEF's programs in Malawi and Mozambique since 2005. Per UNICEF, Gucci's contribution has reached over $5 million USD. It should be encouraged and praised. On the other hand, for all the international corporate petnrarships out there with UNICEF, the only one I am aware of, thanks to the huge event and media exposure, is Gucci. I am ashamed that I didn't know IKEA has a corporate petnrarship with UNICEF since 2001. Furthermore,their donations are more than $25 million USD since then. Anyways, I just want to say I agree with "最後 任何善行不論其目的為何都值得大力鼓掌 但我認為該為善行大力鼓掌的是別人 不是自己 "

Jessyka - n0VVE7tr9ViH
i have been meaning to write (10/30/2008)
i have been meaning to write to you all for ages! thank you so much for your products! i have the biltmore 8 with the Aquapure Shower Filter and it has done wonders for our skin. i also just picked up you filter ball for the tub faucet and can already feel the difference in my daughter's skin. i've had the hand held for over a year now and when i called to refill our filters order, as always, your customer service was stellar. not only do i get a great product but i enjoy speaking with you on the phone (a rarity in this world!). we are customers for a long, long time to come.

thanks so much for all of your great help!

Catharine - California
Thank you (2/2/2008)
Comments: Thank you for answering me and in such a timely manner. Thanks for any discount at all. I know it is difficult to deal with
manufacturers. I appreciate this very much.

I do want you to know I can't live without my shower and bath filter.
Even if I did not get a discount for the new one. This has been the only thing that has truly helped my very dry skin. Believe me, I tried every cream and lotion on the market. I tell people all the time what a difference it makes on both skin and hair. Thanks for selling such great products.


Lynn - Trumbull CT
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